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IG-t                                      VE1JDICT  OX IXDJA

he faintly distressed by being estimated so much lower than the
daeoit. The dacoit is the cut-throat, the strangler of little children,
the sixeak-thief. the raper of women in the dark. One had hoped
that Stafford Cripps was a cut above all that. Those champions;
of India—Mr. Sorensen, M.P.. and Miss Ethel Mannin, the * fearless
novelist "—appears to think otherwise.
It is a pity.

However, perhaps they never heard of PateFs outburst: perhaps
his preference for dacoits was never reported to them. It is more
than likely. Patel does not often get into the news—not into the
liberal organs of the West. ' The Congress publicity experts (who
could teach Goebbels a number of tricks) see to that. It would
create an unfortunate impression if Gaixdhi were shown clasping
the hand of quite so ferocious-looking an individual as * His Greatest
General/ And so Gandhi usually poses in the neighbourhood of
goats, small children and lotus pools. These, being comparatively
<himb, cannot give the show away.


On,e has only to keep one's eyes open., in India. lo see all the
signs and portents of Fascism sticking out a mile. Even, if one had
made no study of the Congress tactics and the Congress record.
the resemblance to the Fascist countries is unmistakable.

Consider the question of uniform. The Khaddar dhoti1 and the
Gandhi cap2 are the counterparts of the Xazi shirt and the
swastika ; no orthodox congressman cares to show himself in any
other costume on official occasions. Even if he had been, educated
in the \, even if in his private opinion the dhoti is a hideous
and embarrassing garment which would make a scarecrow of the
Apollo Belvedere, he mu^,t .stick to it. Or rather, it must stick to-
him. which it does with a vengeance in the period of the monsoon.

Gandhi's understudy on the Xorth-West Frontier is a blustering
giant of a man called Khan Ghaffar Khan. He is widely known
throughout India as "the frontier Gandhi/ His first action,,

1 Indian costume of hand-made cloth, draped about the legs and wound round
the waist.       *
* A sort of (Sengarry of white cotton,